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Healthy Eating

When you hear the words "Healthy Eating" are you confused by them and their meaning?  We are bombarded by fad diets and "get thin quick"schemes more and more these days and the amount of information out there is overwhelming and often contradictory at times.  

Dr. Skye LaChute ND, a physician at Metamorphe Health Clinic who also has a thriving practice in Bellevue, WA has written and informative blog post on the subject.  It helps clear up some common myths answers some common questions regarding diet.  

If you would like to meet with Dr. LaChute to see how she can help you attain your health goals through diet and lifestyle changes, call Metamorphe Health Clinic at 360-221-2050 to schedule a new patient visit.  She also offers a free `5 minute consultation that can be scheduled by calling the office.

Click here to read her blog post:   


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